Monday, February 9, 2015


Busy getting ready for Wellness Expo this weekend.... So what is all the buzz on this event??
Well, as a collective voice to foster wellness and sustainability in our community, we want to offer an inclusive event that connects seekers to local knowledge. In the process, we want to create a collective, sustainable culture of giving, receiving and sharing that seeks to make each of us stronger by supporting each other.
No more barriers, competition, or ideas that somehow one thing is better than the other. Instead, a collective partnership of talent that individually has something to offer for everyone.
We want to invite you to support this initial impulse. Help us spread the word and let us create healthier, happier people, communities and environments TOGETHER!!

Partners include: B WELL, Northwoods Yoga Collective, Rail River Folk School, Shifting Gears, True North Health Care, Chill Creek Ridge and many more!Here are some highlights!

Here is the line up for workshops you can attend during the event.
To pre-register contact
(A nominal sliding scale fee applies.)
11:30am – “Yoga” with Dionne Daly from Dionne’s Om Yoga Studio
12:30pm – “Reinventing Healthcare” with Megan Arndt & Ryan Anderson from doTerra Essential Oils
1:30pm – “Vitamins & Supplements: Finding a Good Way” with Diane M. Pittman, M.D. from True North Health Care
2:30pm – “Healthy Family Rhythms for a low-stress Home Environment” with Dacia Dauner from Apple Blossom Nursery School & Preschool
2:30pm – “Is Your Food Making you Sick?” with Kelly Jo Zellmann from Northland Nutrition Consulting
3:30pm – “Laughter Yoga” with MarSilly (otherwise known as Marcy LaCroix) from Essential Laughter

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Wellness Expo highlights Bemidji's Local Wellness Experts-Whole Person-Whole Community* Using the Wellness Model as a guide

Rail River Folk School
B-WELL (Beltrami Wellness Education for Long Life )

invite you to please join us for..
Saturday Feb. 14th
11 AM-4 PM

Connect Yourself to Health- Putting YOU at the heart of wellness. 
We are working to empower the individual to total health by embracing our community's wealth of wellness knowledge & experts. We are connecting efforts to support our community to total wellness, by looking at the whole wellness model:

  • Yoga
  • Integrative Medicine,
  • Peaceful Parenting
  • Local Sustainable Foods
  • Essential Oils
  • Healthy Luxury Chocolates
  • Community Supported Wellness, 
  • Mindful Eating, 
  • Personalized Natural Health Support. 
  • Workshops, Demonstrations, Samples, Presentations, 
  • Fresh Food
  • Local Organic Sustainable Farms
  •  Handmade herbal lotions/balms/salves, tinctures, and dry herb tea blends.

Take time to take care of yourself and those you love, reconnect to your own whole health, and in turn the health of our community.

  Meet & connect with our local experts in total health and wellness.

Wellness Expo VALENTINES DAY FEBRUARY 14th 11 AM -4 PM